Observations on Environmental Change in South Africa.

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Environmental changes are progressively affecting the future of South Africans through their combined impacts on human livelihood, security and prosperity.

This book is about environmental change in South Africa, its causes, trends, implications, suggested solutions and the technologies and methodologies of observation and analysis. It draws together work from as many scientific disciplines as possible to inform not only the private sector and political decision makers, but also the general public on current environmental issues and challenges.

Observations on Environmental Change in South Africa provides pertinent scientific evidence to assist the people of our country in formulating intelligent and responsible policies and practices for the betterment of our society and to ensure the long-term sustainable futures of South Africans.

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Observations on Environmental Change in South Africa:
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Combat Change with Change
 is a companion booklet for translating Observations on Environmental Change in South Africa into long-term policy considerations for sustainable development.

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