SUN MeDIA is known for publishing scholarly and general books as well as conference proceedings of the highest quality. Since our model is partly based on Print-to-Order / Print-on-Demand (PoD) digital technology, we are able to publish specialist research titles for niche markets, of which the first print-run might be relatively small. In other words, whether you’re an established academic author / researcher or first time author, rest assured that the customised, comprehensive variety of publishing options we offer will help bring your manuscript to life.

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Our titles, in both printed and electronic formats, can be purchased online at the SUN-e-SHOP.

Well-known academic and political role players have published with SUN MeDIA – Proff. Louise Viljoen, Wannie Carstens, Allan Boesak, Chris Brink and Steven Chown, to name but a few. With topics ranging from the Afrikaans language debate to soccer in Stellenbosch and life on Marion Island, and titles such as Christian in Public, Higher Education in South Africa and Teksredaksie, you are guaranteed to find something in our catalogue that will suit your reading taste.

SUN MeDIA publishes under four imprints:

  • SUN PReSS: Scholarly titles
  • SUN MeDIA: Academic and prescribed titles
  • Rapid Access Publishers (RAP): General titles
  • Conference-RAP: Conference proceedings




SUN MeDIA’s core services remain publishing and printing, by which our company’s success is measured. With highly-committed and skilled operators working in conjunction with the latest print technology, it is no surprise that SUN MeDIA produces unique products that distinguish us as leaders in our field.

  • Copyright administration
  • Language editing
  • Design and page layout
  • Photo editing
  • Graphics (redesign of tables, graphs, images)
  • Indexing
  • Cover design
  • PDF proofing
  • Listing on Nielsen Book Data and Google Books
  • E-book conversions

All academic manuscripts we receive are subjected to a peer review process to ensure accurate, up-to-date research which adds value in the specific field. A panel of professional language editors ensures that the text is professionally edited prior to layout and design. Click here to view our peer review policy.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you request copyright permission for any SUN PreSS, Rapid Access Publishers or Conference-RAP publications, please download and complete the copyright permissions form.

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