Peer review policy

Initial Manuscript Evaluation

The publishing division of SUN MeDIA evaluates all manuscripts submitted for publication under the imprint SUN PReSS. It is possible for an exceptional manuscript to be accepted at this stage on the grounds that the author is reputable and/or that the content is ground-breaking. However, such a manuscript is not necessarily exempt from peer review. Manuscripts are sent to at least two experts for review before a final publishing decision is made.

The review process

Reviewers who are regarded as experts in their field are selected to review the manuscript. The author may supply a selection of possible reviewers from his/her field of expertise, but SUN MeDIA reserves the right to make a final choice of reviewers. One national reviewer (not from the same institution as the author) and one international reviewer are usually selected. Reviewers are requested to evaluate the manuscript in terms of the following guidelines:

  1. A brief assessment of the manuscript and its contribution as a research work;
  2. An indication that the manuscript disseminates original research and new developments in the relevant field around the world – with clear examples from the manuscript;
  3. An indication that the target market for such a publication is specialists/peers in the relevant field and that it is not merely a manual or popular book intended for the general public; and
  4. Suggested improvements or revision of the manuscript.

Based on the feedback from the reviewers, the manuscript will then be accepted, revised or rejected.

Revision of the manuscript

The manuscript is referred back to the editor/author with the comments from the reviewers for adaptation and revision. If the revisions are significant, the manuscript may be referred back to the reviewers for verification, comments and approval.

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