Publishing process

A range of publishing agreements may be negotiated between SUN MeDIA and authors/editors, depending on the nature and scope of a publication. This can be anything from a simple service agreement to a partly or fully subsidised publication. The publishing contract will stipulate the terms of agreement, indicating how any costs and profits will be distributed.

Regardless of which agreement is reached, the full publishing process will generally proceed as follows:

1. Complete a Publishing Proposal
Prospective authors and editors must first complete and submit a publication proposal for approval by SUN MeDIA.

2. Submit manuscript
Once the proposal has been discussed and accepted, the author may submit the manuscript electronically (typed up in 1.5 spaced, 12 point Times New Roman on A4) to an assigned publisher. The complete author guidelines, which will apply unless otherwise agreed, will be supplied from the publisher.

3. Peer Review
The manuscript is sent out to peer reviewers to review the quality of the manuscript and suggest changes and improvements. We aim to include at least one local, one national and one international reviewer for each manuscript.

4. Quotation
If the reviews are favourable, a quotation for the production of the manuscript and first print-run of the manuscript is prepared and submitted to the author or project owner.

5. Contract and deposit
If the quotation is accepted, a contract stipulating the cost of the project, the royalty percentage offered to the author and the discounts given to retailers of the book, is submitted to the author. A pro forma invoice is issued. 50% of the payment is usually required on acceptance of proposal and manuscript delivery, and 50% on delivery of stock.

6. Language editing
Once the contract is signed and the deposit paid, the manuscript is placed in the pre-production process. We make use of language editors who are familiar with the relevant subject field of a manuscript. After language editing, the manuscript is returned to the author to review the changes and to clear up any queries marked by the language editor.

7. Page layout and cover design
An in-house designer prepares specimen pages of the page layout and cover design. If the author approves this layout, the layout of the complete manuscript is then completed according to this style.

8. Proofs and corrections
The author is furnished with an electronic proof (“soft proof” in PDF-format) for checking and indicating corrections. After changes and author’s corrections have been made, a printed proof is provided. At this stage only corrections and minor changes are allowed, as the text is already laid out and major changes will bear direct cost to the author and could result in delays in the publishing process. Once the author is satisfied that all the corrections have been made, a final printed, bound proof is provided for the author’s approval.

9. Production
Production (printing and binding) of the first print-run will commence upon approval of the final proof. Any author's corrections at this stage will incur additional cost.
e-Books: The majority of SUN MeDIA’s publications can also be purchased in electronic format (enhanced PDF) from our App.

10. Marketing and distribution
Once the publication is produced, it is placed in the online store (print copies) and App (electronic copies), and review and legal deposit copies are distributed. The author is provided with a marketing questionnaire which gives the publisher more information about the target market and potential buyers. An e-mailer is sent to these potential buyers, our list of bookstores and libraries, which includes bibliographic information, an extract of the book and a link to the online store. Most of the major booksellers have purchasing agreements with us and we supply stock to them on order. The electronic version will be available from our own App.

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