Printing involves so much more than simply putting ink on paper. It’s a process that requires constant quality control and aims for absolute perfection. The SUNMeDIA STUDIO team knows and understands the difference between a high-quality printed product that will boost your brand, and one which was simply delivered on time. Going Beyond Ink – let us show you how it’s done!

Business Cards

Business cards do more than simply provide your clients with relevant contact information. It’s actually the very first impression you make, so make it count! From business cards with a standard, laminated look, to those with an extra touch of high quality embossing, foiling, and much more. Request a quote.


Promoting your business or a special event? We’ll help you create the perfect flyer to get the message across clearly, quickly and creatively. And if you already have a design, no problemo – we’ll make sure it’s printed to perfection.


Esteemed wine maker? Aspired craft beer brewer? In charge of organising this year’s official corporate gifts? Nice! We produce customised, high quality, short-run labels that will add that final, perfect touch and take your product to the next level.


If a menu doesn’t look good, why would the food be great? Replace that old, boring menu with one that’ll tempt your guests to try every single dish served by the culinary experts in your restaurant’s kitchen! Cheque please!


Yes, we live in a digital age – but never underestimate the power of the poster! Our STUDIO team can easily help you come up with great concepts to help push brand awareness up a notch at your next event.


So, picture this: You find yourself among hundreds of competing exhibitors at an event that could pretty much make or break your future business plans. What to do? Why, simply put up a few stylish banners that will make it impossible for potential clients NOT to see!


What’s the first word that pops into your head when you think ‘diary’? If it’s something along the lines of ‘boring’, ‘oh please no’ or ‘what’s that?, you haven’t seen what we can do! Let’s design a diary that will actually be used!


Content is King. However, layout could bring that castle down! We’ll ensure that all the information you need your clients to read, is complimented by the best layout options and/or designs as well as paper available on the market.