A Foreign Voyage

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Grider’s work in this monograph invites interlocutors to view human interaction through the lens of labourers in an extremely important industry during a very interesting period in history. The maritime industry was not only an essential vehicle for expanding the processes of capitalism, colonisation, industrialisation and globalisation, which feature so prominently in current debates on social justice and inequality, but also paved the way for international trade and migration of peoples that have become so commonplace in the modern world. The manners in which shifts in gender, race, class and technology irrevocably change labour compositions and conditions, as well as identities and interactions, resonates across epochs and geographies and gives readers from numerous perspectives much to contemplate in their lives and work within the complex terrain of diverse societies, which are arguably the most important developments in modern states.

Publication Date: April 2017
Author: John T. Grider
Format: Softcover
Pages: 320


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