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It is safe to say that all universities are positioning themselves to grow their postgraduate enrolment. This strategy is informed by national policy directives to become more research competitive, the demands by the knowledge society, the ranking position of a university, the link between postgraduate studies, research outputs, research culture and consequently research competitiveness. A reality is, however, that greater numbers of students will put considerable strain on human, financial and infrastructure resources. This will also challenge the way that postgraduate supervision is practised at universities. Apart from the well-known challenges around supervisors’ and students’ roles and responsibilities, methodological comprehension and writing skills, more attention should be given to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the “postgraduate curriculum”. Part of research education we should also focus on is scholarship, ethical practice, socio-economic development, responsible citizenship and nation building. This book presents different perspectives of support of the doctoral education value chain. Themes such as the scope of doctoral education, planning and roll-out of the research project, student and supervisor responsibilities, publication writing, grant applications, the application of research results and research ethics and integrity are addressed. This book forms part of one of the three pillars of postgraduate research, namely research capacity building. The other two pillars are policy and methodology, which are addressed in other publications.

Publication Date: May 2017
Authors: Laetus O.K. Lategan
Format: Soft cover
Pages: 180

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