ImiGaqo-ntetho yesiXhosa

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Written by a life-long language practioner who has spoken isiXhosa since childhood, this grammar represents a significant advance in understanding the structure of isiXhosa, the language of more than 8 million South Africans. In this ground-breaking book isiXhosa is described in its own right, freeing it from preconceived grammatical ideas derived from European languages. All the features of the language are portrayed in this revisionist grammar that reinvents isiXhosa as a language with its own genius. All students of isiXhosa urgently need this book. Both mother-tongue speakers and those studying isiXhosa as a second or third language have to take cognisance of this new approach to escape the restrictions imposed by a Eurocentric bias. It is essential to authors of textbooks and those who prescribe syllabi. It is also of significance for those attempting to gain insight in the structure of related African languages.

Publication Date: June 2017
Author: J.C. (Koos) Oosthuysen Format: Soft cover
Pages: 398

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