Pioneers of the Dorsland

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Translated by Margaretha Schäfer, Pioneers of the Dorsland provides a journalistic account of PJ van der Merwe’s travels to the Northwest where he interviewed farmers, clergymen, teachers, businessmen, policemen, officials of the magistrate court, divisional council and school board. Van der Merwe introduces the narrative by explaining that it focuses on the peculiar migratory way of life of the region’s half-nomadic pioneers. He highlights his efforts as an exhaustive attempt that may prove useful to any future historian interested in the area.

Van der Merwe also published other similar works during his time as a researcher, traveller, historian and journalist – Die Noordwaartse Beweging van die Boere voor die Groot Trek, 1770–1842, Die Trekboer in die Geskiedenis van die Kaapkolonie, 1657–1842 and Trek: Studies oor die Mobiliteit van die Pioniersbevolking aan die Kaap. Pioneers of the Dorsland is also available in Afrikaans.

Publication Date: December 2017
Written by PJ van der Merwe Translated by Margaretha Schäfer
Format: Soft cover
Pages: 168

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