Changing Spaces

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"Changing Spaces makes a forceful and credible case for the role of writing centres in engaging with students, staff and institutional structures in understanding issues of access from a social perspective ... This is a specialist book for those working in writing centres and for academics of all disciplines. It is based on research and provides an important set of theoretical arguments, developed through reflection on writing centre practices, about student writing and the work of the university." - Professor Sioux McKenna

"How do we select and train tutors? How do we work with faculty? How do we combat the image that we are remedial, a ‘fix-it’ shop? How do we prove our worth? How do we show that we improve retention? ... Changing Spaces demonstrates the flexibility of writing centers and the unique roles they play in South Africa. Writing centers everywhere represent institutional responses to the learning needs of their students, and they do so because writing centers adapt easily to different contexts and situations. They meet students where they are, as a group and individually." - Professor Leigh Ryan

Publication Date: 2011
Authors: Archer, A; Richards, R
Format: Softcover
Pages: 200 

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