South African Language Rights Monitor 2004

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The South African Language Rights Monitor (SALRM) Project surveys the mainstream newspapers of South Africa with a view to compile annual reports on the developments on the language front in the country. While the main focus is on language rights and language (rights) activism, the yearly Monitor also covers other language-related problems, including name changes, as well as aspects of language promotion.

For anybody interested in subjects ranging from the (proposed) renaming of Pretoria, Johannesburg International Airport and the Hugenuet Tunnel to the debate on language of record in courts, and from the forum created by the rectors of the Historically Afrikaans Universities to the change of language policies at schools (Mikro and Seodin primary schools), the SALRM 2004 provides a rich source of information.

The SALRM Project is housed in the Department of Language Management and Language Practice at the University of the Free State.

Publication Date: November 2011

Author(s): Johan Lubbe, Theo du Plessis & Elbie Truter

Format: 175 x 245mm, softcover

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