The Accurate Chain

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"The Accurate Chain is a book the South African reloader has been waiting for a long time. It will put an end to the many novice doctrines in the field of hand loading of rifle ammunition. It will stimulate the desire to improve the quality of hand loaded ammunition. It will enhance the pride of rifle owners and contribute to the positive image of the South African shooter."
Kassie Kasselman

“Hendrik’s comprehensive knowledge of ballistics, calibres, reloading and wind reading has been invaluable in the brutally competitive discipline of benchrest shooting, where less than 1 mm in group size could mean the difference between first place and 50th place. Hendrik has earned his knowledge of shooting by experience over many years, and along with many other shooting enthusiasts, I regard him as one of a few gurus in South Africa.”
Kobus Visser, SA Protea Bench Rest Shooting Team 2001-2013

Publication Date: 2013
Author: Hendrik van Rensburg 
Format: 168 mm x 241 mm hardcover
Pages: 144

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