Religion, Law and Security in Africa


Curbing religious extremism of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria: Judicial interventionism and human rights absolutism

Religious radicalism and security threats in the Sahel

The role of religion and religious freedom in responding to violent extremism

Nigeria’s blasphemy laws and the competing rights: Taming the self-appointed god avengers through judicial process

Blasphemy, religious defamation and hate speech: A comparison of the European Court of Human Rights and the Rabat Plan of Action 

Freedom of expression and freedom of religion: Drawing the lines between hate speech, blasphemy and free speech

Secularity and exercise of religious freedoms in public service media in Côte d’Ivoire

Socio-legal implications of the laws to combat religious extremism in Kenya

(Re)framing terror attacks in Kenya: Contrastive frames from the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) and the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK)

The need for a substantive fatwa institution in countering violent extremism in Kenya

Religious foundations of the notion of bellum iustum

Counterterrorism and religious violence in Nigeria: A just war perspective on the doctrine of necessity

The “Spirit of Assisi”, or when religions commit to peace

Religion and the secular state order: The Ethiopian experience

Securing body, space and structure through the powers of law and state: Some South African urban examples of displacement and reconciliation

Religion and law: The promise and perils of the Cameroon Land Law

An anthropological study of “witch camps” and human rights in northern Ghana

Divisi witchcraft in contemporary Zimbabwe: Contest between two legal systems as incubator of social tensions among the Shona people

“He then became a lion”: Witchcraft accusations in rural Mozambique

The legality of witchcraft allegations in colonial and postcolonial Zimbabwe

Conflictual insertion of marriage ordinances in British colonial Africa: The Ghanaian experience

Domestic violence legislation in Zimbabwe: Probing into the security of women in rural communities

Socio-cultural, economical and organisational determinants of child marriage in Cameroon

Women’s rights and religion: Political and legal complexities affecting the domestication of CEDAW and the AU Women’s Protocol in Nigeria

Female circumcision as an African problem: Double standards or harsh reality?




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